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Kaivac No Touch 1750 Surface Cleaner in Use2

What is a no-touch cleaning system?

The way we clean has changed drastically over the years with new technology. From robot vacuums to ride-on scrubbers, completing cleaning tasks is safer and less labour-intensive for workers. When it comes to restrooms and other heavily soiled areas, the main concern is cross-contamination and the health of the cleaning staff and guests. Typically, companies […]

Industrial cleaning chemicals - Apple Supply

5 types of industrial cleaning chemicals

Industrial cleaning chemicals are specially formulated to deliver industrial-grade performance. The science behind industrial cleaning products is specific for delivering a powerful clean without causing erosion to industrial equipment and facility areas. Industrial cleaning chemicals differ greatly from regular household cleaning supplies in that they are capable of heavy-duty jobs, including breaking through tough oil, […]

colour coded buckets cropped

Use the Colour Code System to avoid cross-contamination in your facility

What is the Colour Code System? The concept of the colour code system was devised in the 1990’s to be implemented in hospitals with the hope to avoid cross-contamination between varying areas of the hospital. Cleaning staff use a specific colour of mop, handle,  cloth & bucket depending on the area of the hospital that […]

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How to know if your commercial space is being cleaned properly

We regularly clean our homes, whether it’s daily spot cleaning, weekly vacuuming, and monthly deep cleans. It’s great for our health, keeps the house in good condition, and contributes to comfortable living. The same is true for commercial spaces where people work and access the building for various purposes. When a place is not properly […]

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The difference commercial garbage cans and vacuums make

Commercial garbage cans and commercial vacuums from a cleaning supply company are a must when caring for and cleaning your commercial space. Are you using your residential cleaning products for your commercial space? Have you ever wondered if there is a better option? There is a difference between commercial garbage bins and vacuums versus cleaning […]

Professional industrial cleaning supplies

The benefits of an industrial clean

Keep your employers and yourself safe and healthy with a clean industrial environment. Whether you own a warehouse, factory, power plant or storehouse, a professionally cleaned space maximizes productivity. By reducing the chances of management and staff falling ill in your facility you can focus on the work at hand. Safe products Industrial cleaning supplies […]