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Professional industrial cleaning supplies

The benefits of an industrial clean

Keep your employers and yourself safe and healthy with a clean industrial environment. Whether you own a warehouse, factory, power plant or storehouse, a professionally cleaned space maximizes productivity. By reducing the chances of management and staff falling ill in your facility you can focus on the work at hand. Safe products Industrial cleaning supplies […]

Industrial cleaning Calgary

The importance of disinfection and regular cleaning in industrial spaces

Regardless of what industry you’re in, commercial cleaning is a must. In fact, for most buildings in Calgary, industrial cleaning is legally required and adheres to a certain set of standards. These standards of quality are even more prevalent today, as the disinfection and cleaning of spaces have become crucial in the midst of a […]

Professional industrial cleaning supplies

3 public venue cleaning challenges and how to solve them

Commercial cleaning certainly comes with its challenges. If you’re a business owner or manager, you’re looking for ways to help your team stay efficient, keep the costs of professional industrial cleaning supplies low while ensuring that the space is clean and safe. These challenges become especially complex for public venues where guests are coming and […]

Professional industrial cleaning supplies

Top 5 things you need to consider when getting your industrial space cleaned

Having a clean industrial space to work in and interact with your customers is extremely important. Cleanliness creates a positive work environment, allowing your employees to properly think and when your work area is clean, it limits the number of allergens from dust that can cause illness. When hiring a cleaning company for your industrial […]

Commercial vacuums Calgary

3 key reasons commercial cleaning is important in the healthcare industry

Commercial cleaning ensures dirt and allergens are removed from an area. When cleaning a healthcare facility, it is important to ensure every space is thoroughly disinfected to prevent the spread of pathogens and microorganisms that can lead to infections. Why is commercial cleaning so important in the healthcare industry? 1. Less chance of re-infection or […]

Industrial vacuum

5 ways a commercial cleaning supply company improves your business

As a business owner, you have your hands full and are constantly juggling different hats. The last thing you should be worrying about is whether cleaning chemicals are mixed wrong or if your industrial vacuum cleaner can handle the conditions. When you work with a professional cleaning supply company, you can rest assured that your […]

Quality Commercial vacuums in Calgary

Industrial vacuum cleaner: Do you really need one?

The latest technology for residential vacuum cleaners is incredible. From the powerful Dyson brand to a classic Bissell, big brand companies are constantly improving and refining their vacuum cleaners. However, even if you absolutely love your vacuum cleaner and how it effectively cleans your house, residential vacuum cleaners should only be used at home. There […]

Commercial waste management

Why is it important to have a waste management plan?

When it comes to business budgeting and operations, areas like hiring, marketing, and day-to-day administrative tasks take the forefront. But did you know that implementing a waste management plan can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year? It can also improve staff productivity and have a great impact on your reputation as […]