Reliable Floor Scrubber for the Healthcare Industry

The True Impact of a Reliable Floor Scrubber on the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals, clinics, and medical centres are faced with some of the most unique cleaning and maintenance challenges. Not only do surfaces have to be clean and sanitized with the proper industrial cleaning supplies, but they must also look polished and presentable. Furthermore, healthcare facilities experience heavy foot traffic which makes safety a concern. 

And one of the largest cleaning duties to tackle in the healthcare industry is the floor – after all, doctors, nurses, medical professionals, patients, visitors, and all kinds of personnel walk through the halls and rooms of medical facilities every day at all times of the day. For this reason, a reliable automatic floor scrubber is one of the most important pieces of professional cleaning equipment for hospitals, clinics, and medical centres. What may seem like an ordinary and common tool, the floor scrubber makes a profound impact on the healthcare industry for the following reasons.

Ensures the safety of cleaners, staff, and guests

Industrial cleaning methods go beyond a sparkling and clean space. Proper techniques, tools, and equipment must also address the safety and comfort of cleaners and all who use the building. An automatic floor scrubber:

  • Reduces worker strain and prevents injury.
  • Decreases the amount of cleaning time when compared to using a traditional mop and broom, helping cleaners become more efficient and further minimizing physical exertion.
  • Lessens the amount of drying time needed, improving safety and preventing slips and falls.

Reduces the risk of infection and cross-contamination

Automatic floor scrubbers deliver a cleaning solution to the rotating floor pad or brush to break up dirt. The cleaning solution with the dirt is sucked up into the reservoir tank, which prevents the dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants from spreading across the floor and cross-contaminating other areas of the building.

This is an important factor as many people who visit a healthcare facility have vulnerable immune systems due to illness and health conditions. Because some bacterium can remain on surfaces for months, the healthcare industry must not compromise on using proper cleaning tools and equipment that will reduce or eliminate the risk of infection and cross-contamination.

Effective on different types of floor surfaces

It’s common for healthcare facilities to have multiple types of floors, from tiles to vinyl flooring, stone, and epoxy materials, to name a few. Automatic floor scrubbers are safe to use on virtually all types of flooring surfaces – the rule of thumb is that if you can clean the floor with a mop and broom, you can do so with a floor scrubber. This helps the cleaning staff maintain good productivity and achieve a seamless transition to different types of flooring surfaces.

A reliable automatic floor scrubber that is effective at removing dirt and bacteria is a must in the healthcare industry. The question is not whether a facility needs a floor scrubber, but rather what type and size of equipment are appropriate for the space. Today’s innovative cleaning machines have features that reduce noise levels, are ergonomically designed, can maneuver easily throughout the building, and are built to tackle the challenges of industrial cleaning.