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How can I avoid streaks when washing windows?

To avoid streaks, we suggest waiting for a cloudy day before cleaning your windows, and using a high-quality squeegee. Sunlight can dry the cleaning solution you’re using too fast, before you can wipe it off.

What cleaning tools should I avoid if I’m environmentally conscious?

Some cleaning products are friendlier to the environment than others. For example, all-purpose surface cleaners tend to be toxic, and bleach is highly corrosive. Simple habit changes like using microfibre cloths instead of disposable sponges and paper products makes a difference. Get more green tips from our post.

Is foaming soap better than non-foaming soap?

Scientists are only conducting preliminary studies at this point. So far, some have concluded that foaming soap is actually not as effective because it can give people a false sense of thoroughness, as opposed to having to lather up when you use liquid soap.

Are hardwood floors more hygienic than carpets?

A Swedish study showed that allergic reactions actually increased when carpet usage went down. While hardwood floors are easier to clean, spaces with hardwood can have a larger dust load in the air than carpeted spaces because carpet traps allergens in its fibres. Small movements on hardwood flooring can trigger millions of allergens to flood the air.

Carpet does come with many benefits. If you like softness and warmth of carpet, plus its sound-insulating properties, why not invest in a carpet cleaner to keep you carpeted home clean?