Businesses Stay Clean with Janitorial Supplies

Helping Businesses Stay Clean During Supply Chain Challenges

It’s no secret that cleaning industries worldwide rely heavily on supply chains for janitorial supplies. Supply chains failing to provide these resources can negatively impact cleaning and restoration companies, from their work to their reputation.

With that said, there have been supply chain shortages that have been harming many companies’ growth. In this article, we’ll look at a few of these challenges our industry faces and how Apple Cleaning Supplies finds solutions through them while still successfully maintaining its reputation as one of Canada’s #1 janitorial suppliers.

Rising Material Costs

First, we’ll cover the scary, unavoidable truth.

As with all things affected by inflation, raw materials costs used for janitorial supplies have also skyrocketed in the country. The price hikes have negatively impacted companies relying on home repair materials and cleaning companies that rely on chemical solutions.

While this is affecting every supply industry, customer budgets have also decreased. Whether commercial or residential, they are likely experiencing the same profit decrease as supply industries.

Missing Products

Even a single missing product or janitorial supply can damage the productivity of a cleaning company. Professionals rely on these to do their jobs effectively, whether cleaning equipment like vacuums or sanitary products. These disruptions can be difficult to navigate for cleaning and restoration companies and can result in client relationship losses.

Apple Cleaning Supplies works hard to ensure these critical parts and products are always in stock for our customers in Canada.

Facilities Shutting Down

The other main factor for these shortages is supply chain facilities closing down. When this happens, everything is halted, from daily management operations to supply procurement.

From manufacturers and warehouses to health care and social assistance facilities, these are the most common establishments to experience closures during the pandemic. And because these are some of the most common establishments to work alongside cleaning industries, it’s been a headache for managers and company owners in the last couple of years.

Apple Cleaning Supplies

Even with these tough changes, Apple Cleaning Supplies remains one of Canada’s major national distributors of janitorial supplies and equipment. Clients across the country are driven to us because of our competitive prices, product knowledge and dedication to a new standard of service excellence!

Shop now or come by our store and let our experienced staff find a custom solution for your operation.