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Germ hot spots – Where are pathogens hiding at your workplace?

Maybe you think you know where all the germs are hiding in your workplace and that you do a great job of cleaning them up. However, did you know some of the germiest sections in your place of business can be the least obvious? Here are some hot spots to watch out for that can sometimes be overlooked!


Hiding in plain sight are the doorknobs at every passageway to your building and office space. Everyone that enters and exits the space touches the doorknobs. If someone is sick, their germs can transfer onto the doorknob with a simple turn of the handle.

Sneezes and coughs can spread viruses to the spots you use to get in and out of the building. According to scientists, a sneeze can launch more than 6 feet from where you stand and bacteria from a cough can land up to 6 metres from where you are. See how easy it is for germs to transfer?

Wiping down doorknobs with the proper industrial cleaning supplies is a great way to help keep yourself, your employees, and customers from sharing unwanted germs. The material your doorknobs are made of will determine which type of cleaning spray to use. Check with a professional at an industrial cleaning supplies company for the best advice on what to use.


The carpet in your workplace could be causing your employees to call in sick. Microbiologist and immunologist, Philip Tierno Jr., Ph. D. discovered that carpets are 4,000 times dirtier than the seat of a toilet. Without a vacuum to get rid of dirt and dust, you are left working in a space filled with bacteria.

You want to make sure you get the proper industrial cleaning supplies in Calgary to help stop the spread of germs in your place of business. Industrial cleaning supplies include things like vacuums, cleaning chemicals, equipment, and waste disposal products.

Carpets and doorknobs are just some of the spots harbouring the most germs in your industrial space. Make sure to clean heavily used surfaces like counters, entrance ways, and washrooms regularly with professional-grade industrial cleaning supplies. A quick wipe down with some regular soap and water will still leave germs lurking around.