Language Barrier

Language Barrier Challenges: How Apple Cleaning Effectively Communicates With Customers

For any operating company in any industry, it goes without saying that communication is vital!

In the cleaning industry, it can be challenging when language barriers impact clients and their customer’s communication. As one of Canada’s major national janitorial supply distributors, we believe having a multilingual workforce is critical.

This is why Apple Cleaning Supplies takes pride in our diverse team and work environment. Here are a few benefits of having a diverse workforce in 2023.

Negative Effects of Miscommunication

We know how challenging it can be for commercial and residential cleaning companies with a language barrier when communicating with their suppliers. Miscommunication between both parties can lead to:

  • Ordering the wrong products
  • Delivery issues
  • Misunderstood instructions
  • Failure to meet customer expectations
  • Lack of trust

These can impact the relationship between suppliers and business owners who need janitorial supplies and equipment. Miscommunication could have a direct impact on the growth and profitability of that company.

This is why Apple Cleaning Supplies aims to provide solutions and effective communication with our customers with language barriers.

Breaking Language Barriers

In Canada, aside from our national languages of English and French, many other languages are used daily in work environments. Studies have shown companies that staff workers who speak multiple languages translate into better business.

While proficient English is no doubt necessary, we believe in having a team who have the skills to connect with different customers where English is not their first language. This deepens our connections with our customers of various cultures while boosting their confidence and trust in us as their janitorial supplier!

When it Comes to Quality Cleaning Products: We Speak Your Language!

Apply Cleaning Supplies firmly believes in clear and effective communication with our customers, whether they be commercial or residential cleaning and restoration companies.

When it comes to providing quality cleaning products to help maintain your areas clean, we speak your language! We have staff fluent in:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Croatian

We are also proud to support our community by distributing many Canadian manufactured products. Apple Cleaning Supplies gives back to our community.

Shop now or come by our store and let our experienced and diverse staff find a custom solution for your operation.