Floor Scrubber

Why We Choose Nobles Floor Scrubber

Good floor scrubbers are essential when keeping your facility clean and healthy. And choosing a high-quality brand can play a valuable role in the operation, just as much as the crew responsible for the duty!

At Apple Cleaning Supplies, we understand the importance of working with effective and efficient equipment for janitorial cleaning tasks. This is why we recommend Nobles. In this article, we’ll be looking at why this is one of our trusted brands at Apple Cleaning Supplies.

Speed Scrubs

When it comes to quality floor scrubbers, Nobles offers a full range of equipment to meet your residential or commercial cleaning needs. Here are two scrubbers we recommend:

  1. Speed Scrub 350
  2. Speed Scrub 500

While both are high-quality performance cleaning solutions, how do you know which suits you best? Read on as we break down both products.

Stand-On Scrubber

Enjoy category-leading productivity rates and easily maneuver around tight corners, furniture, or fixtures with the nimble Speed Scrub 350. A variety of thoughtful features and options make this stand-on scrubber a smart choice for your facility:

  • Clean more space between dump-fill cycles with outstanding productivity – over 30,000 square feet (2,795 square meters) per hour.
  • Achieve consistent results in different cleaning conditions and reduce reliance on operator set-up with programmable Zone Settings.
  • Reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents related to wet floors and ensure optimal water pick up and soil removal with the Speed Scrub 350s optimized squeegee design and water recovery system.

Operate this floor scrubber easily and comfortably with ergonomics and controls designed for a stand-on scrubber.

Walk-Behind Scrubber

Clean virtually any hard surface condition to maximize return on investment with various cleaning options and configurations. Make battery maintenance safer with the new optional Smart-Fill™ automatic battery watering system.

The reliable Speed Scrub 500 Walk-Behind Scrubber provides the right solution for your application with its versatile design, easy-to-use controls and durable components. Use multi-functional orbital scrubbing technology for daily cleaning, deep grout / dimensional floor cleaning and chemical-free removal of commercial floor finish.

With multi-functional pads to choose from, this is one of, if not the best, floor scrubbers you can find in the market!

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