No-Touch Cleaning Supplies

The Importance of No-Touch Cleaning Supplies

The most challenging days of the Covid-19 pandemic seem to finally be behind us, though some of the after-effects linger. This includes frequent hand washing, disinfecting, required masks in medical establishments, and ongoing travel restrictions. Some of these repercussions continue to impact the cleaning industry, including an increase in the demand for no-touch systems.

Different types of no-touch cleaning supplies

The most popular no-touch cleaning supplies are automatic dispensers. Some dispensers can be installed on a wall or placed as a stand at various entryways and locations throughout the building.

  • Soap dispenser – A touchless soap dispenser eliminates physical contact with the unit and relies on a motion sensor to automatically dispense the product. Most modern establishments have touchless soap dispensers in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas that require frequent hand washing. Soap dispensers are available in foaming or liquid formats.
  • Hand drying – Automatic hand dryers and automatic paper towel dispensers help prevent the spread of germs. The right touchless hand drying solution depends on the needs of the establishment. Automatic hand dryers help save companies the cost of purchasing paper towels, while automatic paper towel dispensers are ideal for establishments that need a quiet environment, such as certain medical facilities. 
  • Sanitizer dispenser – Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers have become the unsung heroes for commercial and industrial establishments during the pandemic. Touchless sanitizer dispensers provide just the right amount of product and help prevent the spread of germs. 
  • Kaivac no-touch cleaning system – In addition to automatic dispensers, a no-touch cleaning system can help businesses achieve a healthier environment. The Kaivac cleaning system is equipped with an indoor pressure washer, a wet vacuum, and an automatic chemical injection that allows cleaners to remove dirt and grime without touching these contaminated surfaces. Read more about no-touch cleaning systems here.

Benefits of no-touch products

No-touch cleaning supplies provide great benefits for most, if not all, commercial and industrial settings. No-touch products:

  • Eliminate physical contact with the unit
  • Help minimize the spread of germs
  • Deliver the right amount of product, which helps reduce cleaning costs and waste
  • Enhance the overall health and hygiene of a facility
  • Are easy to maintain 

No-touch dispensers and cleaning systems have become the standard for all settings. As the majority of businesses adopt no-touch supplies, customers, patients, workers, and all patrons who use the building have come to expect this technology and appreciate it when a business invests in modern products.

Where to buy no-touch commercial cleaning supplies

At Apple Cleaning Supplies in Calgary and Kelowna, we supply touchless dispensing equipment and the Kaivac no-touch cleaning system for commercial and industrial settings. We also provide bulk products, such as soap, paper towels, lotion, sanitizer, cleaning chemicals, and more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for us, give us a call, and we can help.