Kaivac No Touch 1750 Surface Cleaner in Use2

What is a no-touch cleaning system?

The way we clean has changed drastically over the years with new technology. From robot vacuums to ride-on scrubbers, completing cleaning tasks is safer and less labour-intensive for workers. When it comes to restrooms and other heavily soiled areas, the main concern is cross-contamination and the health of the cleaning staff and guests. Typically, companies in Calgary would have industrial hand cleaners on hand when handling contaminated areas. A no-touch cleaning system is a hygienic solution for workers to remove dirt and grime without touching these contaminated surfaces. In this article, we explain what a no-touch cleaning system is and some of its advantages.

How does a no-touch cleaning system work?

A no-touch cleaning system looks and functions like a caddie and is equipped with an indoor pressure washer, a wet vacuum, and an automatic chemical injection. You simply wheel the no-pressure system caddie into a bathroom, for example, and wash the room with the low-pressure fan spray and a diluted cleaning solution and then rinse with clean water. After this step, you vacuum the floor dry with the wet vacuum. What you’re left with is a dry and soil-free bathroom.

The advantages of a no-touch cleaning system

  • Easier to clean hard-to-reach areas – Sometimes a mop just doesn’t cut it. The low-pressure spray of a no-touch cleaning system can get hard-to-reach areas and flushes the soil out of grout lines and tight corners.
  • Saves time – The process of wiping down surfaces, mopping, emptying the bucket, and waiting for the area to dry is time-consuming. With a no-touch cleaning system, cleaning time is significantly reduced and the wet vacuum leaves the floor completely dry and soil-free.
  • Cuts labour costs and cleaning products – Time saved means cost savings on labour and additional hours. Further, the automatic chemical injection releases just the right amount of product, reducing the cost of chemicals.

You can achieve a healthier building with a no-touch cleaning system

In certain industries like medical offices, restaurants, and food-handling services, workers must vigilantly remove bacteria and prevent cross-contamination. For this reason, a string mop risks bringing and spreading bacteria from bathrooms into other areas of the facility. A no-touch cleaning system reduces this risk and helps increase the wellness of the facility and its patrons. The return on investment with this machine is a healthier building and workplace.