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5 types of industrial cleaning chemicals

Industrial cleaning chemicals are specially formulated to deliver industrial-grade performance. The science behind industrial cleaning products is specific for delivering a powerful clean without causing erosion to industrial equipment and facility areas. Industrial cleaning chemicals differ greatly from regular household cleaning supplies in that they are capable of heavy-duty jobs, including breaking through tough oil, descaling limescale from metal surfaces, and effectively disinfecting the facility, just to name a few. When you purchase industrial cleaning chemicals from a professional cleaning supply store, these products are strong yet high regulated according to health and safety standards. There are typically five types of chemicals that are commonly used for industrial cleaning.

Neutral cleaner

A neutral cleaner ranges from about 6.25 to 8.25 on the pH scale, which is important for facilities with protective coatings on floors or other surfaces. A neutral cleaner is safe to use for daily cleaning that won’t damage surfaces.

All-purpose cleaner

Like commercial and residential cleaning activities, having an all-purpose cleaner is a convenient product that can be used on just about any surface. However, a knowledgeable cleaning supply store will advise not to use all-purpose cleaners on finished surfaces. This is because most all-purpose cleaners have a pH of 9 to 11, making them an alkaline chemical that can corrode protective coatings.

Scale remover

Scale removers are formulated to remove limescale from metal surfaces and iron or copper oxides from heat exchangers and boilers. Industrial-grade scale removers are powerful without causing excessive corrosion on metal equipment. The amount of scale remover needed depends on the type of deposit and how heavy the removal is.


Surfactants are used to enhance the effectiveness of industrial cleaning products. They are formulated to mix with certain cleaning agents to help dissolve, disperse, and emulsify products to remove stubborn dirt. Surfactants also protect surfaces and materials that are cleaned and disinfected. They are used to safely mix into some industrial cleaning products to improve efficiency without creating a hazard.

Glass cleaner

Last but certainly not least, most industrial facilities use glass cleaners to remove oily soil, splatters, and other debris from glass and mirrors. Most glass cleaners are formulated with ammonia and should never be mixed with other industrial cleaning chemicals.

Always refer to the product’s Safety Data Sheet or ask a representative experienced in handling industrial cleaning chemicals to ensure the product you’re using is safe to use on specific surfaces.

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