Feminine Hygiene Supplies for All Industries

Essential Feminine Hygiene Supplies for All Industries

A simple stainless steel feminine hygiene supply dispenser is mounted on the wall of the washroom. The front panel is shiny, but it doesn’t look like it’s been opened in years. I put a quarter dug out of the bottom of my purse into the slot and turned the dial – nothing. Empty. I exit the washroom and ask the receptionist if the machine is out of order. “Oh, that old thing?” she laughs, “I haven’t seen anyone fill it in the 5 years I’ve worked here.”

This is how most businesses have handled the feminine hygiene needs of female visitors in the past. In the 21st century, this is no longer acceptable. Better accommodating female visitors is easy to accomplish and can be done on a reasonable budget. We’ve compiled a few things to remember whether you’re doing an overhaul of your bathrooms or opening the doors to your new business for the first time.

Recognize what essential feminine hygiene supplies you require 

Make sure to the following products are available at all times:

  1. Panty Liners
  2. Various sizes of pads
  3. Various sizes of tampons; and
  4. Sanitary wipes

Along with these things, you will also require appropriate disposal receptacles for used products and packaging.

Make it accessible – and free

The standard of feminine hygiene product dispensing has been cash-based for far too long. Instead, opt for a no-touch dispenser that provides free sanitary napkins and tampons. Modern feminine hygiene dispensers have a sleek design and are equipped with a factory-programmed delay between dispensing products to discourage abuse. 

Don’t forget sanitary napkin disposal 

Feminine hygiene waste receptacles should be placed in every bathroom stall. This is important for bathroom hygiene and privacy for female customers. There are advanced options available, such as a no-touch waste receptacle that closes automatically and seals in odours. It also comes with personal disposable bags to conceal contents. As a business, you can purchase bulk orders of waxed liners for sanitary napkin disposal, high-density poly liner bags, personal disposal bags, tampons, and sanitary napkins to keep inventory well-stocked.

Offering a wide variety of different products in your bathroom of essential feminine hygiene supplies is sure to leave your female visitors feeling welcomed and seen on their visit to your location. This helps your business build a good rapport with your female customers and contributes to a more forward-thinking society.