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Language Barrier

Language Barrier Challenges: How Apple Cleaning Effectively Communicates With Customers

For any operating company in any industry, it goes without saying that communication is vital! In the cleaning industry, it can be challenging when language barriers impact clients and their customer’s communication. As one of Canada’s major national janitorial supply distributors, we believe having a multilingual workforce is critical. This is why Apple Cleaning Supplies […]

Businesses Stay Clean with Janitorial Supplies

Helping Businesses Stay Clean During Supply Chain Challenges

It’s no secret that cleaning industries worldwide rely heavily on supply chains for janitorial supplies. Supply chains failing to provide these resources can negatively impact cleaning and restoration companies, from their work to their reputation. With that said, there have been supply chain shortages that have been harming many companies’ growth. In this article, we’ll […]

Happy Holidays - Apple Cleaning Supplies

Start the Year Off Right With Quality Janitorial Supplies

It’s no secret – we’re pretty passionate about cleaning over here at Apple Cleaning Supplies. We’ve seen the impact of what a clean facility can have and how the right supplies not only reduce operational costs but improves overall health and safety. It’s been another incredible year of providing commercial and industrial cleaning supplies and […]