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5 Helpful Cleaning Tips from Apple Cleaning Supplies

Welcome the New Year, 2021, with Helpful Cleaning Tips from Apple Cleaning Supplies 

New Year’s Resolutions 

This past year has been a challenging one. Now that the festivities are winding down and the New Year is upon us, it’s time to consider the strategy for your cleaning plan.
With every new year there is potential for growth and opportunity. Don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Apple Cleaning Supplies to help you out with all your cleaning needs! Below are the top 5 cleaning tips to help you get on your way and make a great start to 2021!

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1. Organize your Work Space 

There are many tools available to assist with keeping organized and making janitor’s lives easier. Here are some recommendations from Apple Cleaning Supplies

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Janitor Cart 
Everything has a place and everything in its place with this handy Janitor Cart from Rubbermaid®. Purchase colour coded buckets to assist with organizing cleaning space and avoiding cross contamination when cleaning.

Brute® Receptacle Caddy
This handy Brute® Caddy holds all the cleaning supplies you need as you make your rounds. Collect waste and have your cleaning tools at your finger tips!

Colour-Coded Cleaning Buckets 
The Colour-Coded buckets help reduce cross contamination by having a colour for each area you clean. Perfectly sized to fit into a Rubbermaid® Janitor Cart. Complete the colour-coded system by using matching colour Micro Cloths


Safety Melt


2. Be Prepared for Challenges, We have Solutions 

Snow and sleet can be a messy challenge this time of year. Be prepared by being well-stocked with these essential items to help combat weather-related messes.


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Oxford Elite™  is ideal for indoor vestibules and lobbies with medium-heavy traffic of up to 1,500 people per day. Dense dual fiber construction offers well-balanced dirt scraping and water retention performance. Matting effectively cuts down on mopping time and is much safer for your customers.

Ice/Snow Melting Compounds
Polar™ Ice Melt in a convenient pouring jug, will help alleviate the dangers of ice and snow build up on sidewalks and driveways. Purchase skids of Dura Plus Safety Melt™ to be well prepared for this winter season!

Effective Floor Cleaners 
Reduce the damage that ice melting compounds do to floors with this neutral detergent. Film Away™ offers you a great cleaner, combined with a neutralizing feature specifically made for ice melter residues. It offers superior cleaning power and reduces the risk of leaving your floor with an unbalanced pH.


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3. Know your Facility Needs  

Don’t be left in a bind. Always be well stocked in basic consumables to avoid embarrassing inconveniences.  Keep lists of consumables each client or facility uses.  Know the Brand & Code of products you buy on a regular basis. There is nothing more frustrating than buying the wrong paper towel or toilet paper for the dispensers at your facility!

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Quality Toilet Paper 
Jumbo Rolls, Standard Rolls & JRT Jumbo Rolls, there is no limit in variety of toilet paper available. Many rolls are dispenser related and you need to know which dispensers are installed in your facility in order to purchase the right roll. Save time by having the code & brand name of the items you purchase for your facility.

Paper Towels & Hand Towels
Some Paper Towel rolls have a colour-coded core to make replenishment of the roll to be easier on the consumer. Know your codes and the rest is easy! Hand Towel Rolls come in single fold, multifold and long fold options. We have a variety of fold types and brand names and also offer the option of white towels and natural colour towels depending on the preference.

Garbage Bags 
We carry Recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and utility grade garbage bags. We also offer a variety of sizes in each bag. Know your garbage bin size to ensure a proper fit & strength of garbage bag for your facility.

Have an Account with us? 
If you have purchased from us in the past and have an account with us, our system will have your history of purchases. This takes the guesswork out of purchasing the right product that suits your needs. Our sales team are happy to provide a list of items your facility purchases regularly. When in doubt, Ask!


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4. Have the Right Tools for the Job

Any job is easier when you have the right cleaning tools at your disposal. The cleaning supplies you might need depend on the needs of your facility. Below is a list of commonly used cleaning supplies and equipment used by professional cleaners and janitors.


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Mop & Mop Bucket
Know your needs when it comes to Mops and Buckets. We carry a variety of buckets and wringers to suit any job. The type of mop head you purchase will be best reflected by its use. We have an assortment of everyday use mops, microfibre mops, and also specialty mops used for applying wax finish.

Broom & Dustpan
One of the most useful items that a janitor can own is the Broom and Dustpan. Whether you are sweeping inside or outside, we have the broom & dustpan to do the job!

Protective Equipment 
Now, more than ever it is highly important to protect yourself and those around you. From masks to gloves, personal and industrial use hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes, we have what you need to ensure safety in your environment.

Microfibre Cloths & Window Cloths 
It is becoming increasingly popular to use the colour-code system with cleaning supplies. Microfibre cloths can match colours with other cleaning supplies items to decrease the risk of cross-contamination on varying surfaces.

Window Cleaning
Nothing gets a window cleaner and streak-free than a window squeegee. Purchase complete window cleaning systems or individual cleaning heads with rubber replacements. We also carry an array of scrapers for stubborn grime. Consider a window tool extension pole for hard to reach places.

Professional Cleaning Equipment 
We sell Professional Sweepers, Vacuums, Burnishers & Polishers in many brand names you know and trust including Dustbane®, Nobles®, Esteam®, Proteam®, NaceCare® & Kaivac®. Visit our showroom to learn about which machine is best for your needs.


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5. Be Safe, Know your Chemicals

We are dedicated to informing our clients on Chemical Safety. All of the chemicals that we sell have links to the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) directly on our Website.

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In addition, Apple Cleaning Supplies offers WHMIS Training. Normally inhouse, but due to Covid-19 we will come to you! Our professional WHMIS certified instructor will come to your space practicing safe distancing safety protocols. Know the cleaning supplies that you are using and ensure your cleaning staff are also aware of any hazards using these chemicals may entail.

Need More Information? 

Apple Cleaning Supplies has 100 years combined janitorial experience. We know what you need and carry the tools to get the job done. Shop Apple Cleaning Supplies for all your janitorial chemical, equipment and supply needs!

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