Washroom Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Washroom Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

The state of the washroom in any workplace or facility can have a major impact on employee health, as well as on how much money is spent over the long run on plumbing repairs and mold and mildew cleaning. At Apple Cleaning Supplies we provide a variety of janitorial and cleaning equipment to Calgary facilities and businesses, so we know a thing or two about keeping a washroom clean and maintained. Here are our top five tips.

Clean the washroom on a regular basis
The most important part of any good washroom cleaning and maintenance routine is, of course, cleaning the washroom on a regular basis. Using quality cleaning equipment in Calgary helps to cut down on mold and mildew growth and to keep too much dirt and grime from accumulating. How often the washroom should be cleaned is going to depend on how much traffic it sees. Daily wipe-downs are highly recommended, with more thorough cleanings when necessary.

Check fixtures for leaks
Cleaning a washroom on a regular basis provides the opportunity to, at the same time, check all of the fixtures for leaks. Leaky fixtures need to be identified and repaired as soon as possible, as they are wasting water, contributing to an overly-damp environment, and may be a sign of more serious plumbing issues.

Check all pipes
It is also a good idea to check under the sink and anywhere else where there are exposed pipes in the bathroom. Pipes that appear to be corroding and cracking can lead to dangerous and damaging leaks. Any damaged pipes or connections should be promptly repaired.

Inspect any grout and sealant
All of the grout and sealant work in a bathroom also needs to be regularly inspected and maintained. After prolonged exposure to moisture and heat, grout and sealant can begin to wear and crack and must be reapplied. Grout and sealant can also harbour mold and mildew which must be properly cleaned away.

Use the right washroom cleaning supplies
Cleaning the washroom on a regular basis won’t do much good if the right equipment from a trusted Calgary janitorial equipment supplier isn’t used. The supplies and equipment used on your washroom should be able to remove all dirt, grime, mold, and mildew, leaving the washroom properly cleaned and germ-free. Investing in quality equipment and supplies will help you get the job done much faster as well, as you’ll have the right tools on hand to deal with any situation which may arise.

For all of your Calgary cleaning and janitorial equipment needs, Apple Cleaning Supplies has you covered. On top of our extensive inventory of quality and eco-friendly washroom cleaning products, we also provide auto scrubbers and carpet cleaning machines in Calgary, which can be used to keep an entire facility clean.