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The different types of industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to be more powerful and durable than residential models. Vacuums made for commercial use in Calgary are built to handle extended daily use and heavy-duty applications for a more efficient clean in less time.

In this article, we list some of the different types of industrial vacuum cleaners, each of them with unique features to meet the demands of various facilities.

Backpack vacuum cleaners

The Nacecare® Latitude™ Battery Backpack Vacuum c/w Tools is compact and comfortable. At only 15lbs, it is the lightest unit on the market that helps reduce back pain and fatigue. The cordless operation feature improves productivity and makes it possible to clean congested areas with ease.

This backpack vacuum has a 75-minute run time with just one charge and a noise level of only 45 dBA. It comes complete with:

  • Adjustable back support, waist, and shoulder straps
  • Power switch and battery status gauge conveniently located on the belt
  • Floor tools that support back and forth or side-to-side cleaning

Dry canister vacuum

Industrial canister vacuums are excellent for facilities that require a large tank capacity and a powerful clean for dry areas. The NaceCare® NBV180™ HEPA Dry Canister Vacuum with Lithium Battery is an ideal choice with the following features:

  • Cord-free operation
  • 7.5L capacity
  • 250 Watt motor
  • HEPA-FLO filtration bag
  • 36-volt lithium battery
  • 14lb, lightweight tank

Upright industrial vacuum

Much like traditional residential vacuums, the upright industrial vacuum is easy to maneuver with the added advantage of more power and tank capacity. The 14″ Dustbane® Tracker™ Power Clean Upright Vacuum 3.78 L Capacity comes with on-board tools, including a telescopic Power Wand, crevice tool, and natural bristle dusting brush. Ideal for small to medium retail establishments and offices.

For larger facilities that need to cover a wider area, the Nobles Wide-Area Walk-Behind Vacuum is an upright vacuum with a 30” cleaning path. Some of the features of this industrial vacuum cleaner are:

  • Easy maneuverability
  • Low profile design
  • Fully-adjustable handle for operator comfort
  • Fold-down design for convenient storage

With a 4-stage HEPA filtration system, this vacuum effectively improves indoor air quality and cleans large carpeted areas with ease.

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