Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Effective industrial cleaning equipment you need for a deep clean

When it comes to cleaning products for industrial and commercial applications, a simple sweep, mop, and bucket simply won’t do the trick. Some businesses make the mistake of using products and equipment that are designed for residential use. While these are appropriate for homes, high traffic and heavy-duty facilities in Calgary require industrial cleaning products. 

Using the right equipment saves time, money and ensures that your commercial facility is adequately cleaned and disinfected. Below are some of the most effective industrial cleaning equipment that does the job in less time and creates a safe work environment.

Floor cleaning machines

The 20″ 450 XTT Hurricane Walk Behind Autoscrubber Complete AGM has superior maneuverability and an easy-to-use intuitive control panel. This compact auto scrubber is ideal for small to medium-sized facilities to lower the cost of cleaning and increase cleaning staff productivity.  

Features include:

  • A large tank capacity
  • Effective squeegee system
  • High-performance drying results

The Hurricane Walk-Behind Autoscrubber ensures a quality clean for facilities such as hospitals and small gymnasiums.

26″ Nobles® Speed Scrub Rider™ Floor Scrubber is designed for large floors while still compact enough for tight spaces. Some of the features of this auto scrubber are quiet operation with a 67 dBA and the ability to clean for up to 3 hours on one charge. 

One of the advantages of rider auto scrubbers over walk-behind scrubbers is that they reduce fatigue, muscle soreness, and injury from prolonged standing and cleaning for workers. They are for use in large arenas, malls, and entertainment centres.

Carpet extractors

The Nacecare® GVE370 George™ Spotting Extractor 15L Capacity is compact with a handy carrying handle. This powerful machine features a 30 PSI pump to provide enough pressure without damaging the area. Ideal for spot cleaning, upholstery, and vehicle detailing with a polypropylene tank for maximum durability and mobility.

Esteam® E1200 Emachine™ Hard Surface Cleaner & Carpet Extractor is a dual-purpose portable extractor designed to work on hard surfaces and carpets. Some of the features include:

  • A 40L gallon extractor
  • Autofill and auto drain
  • Front-mounted pressure adjuster
  • Pressure gauge 
  • Dual 2-stage vacuum motors
  • External filter with 4’ hose
  • Dual 25’ power cords
  • Two easy-to-lift handles

This machine is ideal for facilities with a mix of flooring, including cement, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, tile, and carpet.

Professional Sweepers

The 25″ Dustbane® Gladiator 464™ Battery Powered Vacuum Sweeper is designed to handle cleaning from carpet to hard surface without adjustment. It has the ability to run for 2.5 hours with one charge and features a quiet motor with a noise level of 56 dB. 

A professional vacuum sweeper is meant for medium to large facilities to increase productivity and lower cleaning costs. 

The SCOUT9 Nobles® Scout™ Large Battery Walk-Behind Sweeper 35″ W Battery/Charger features two counter-rotating brushes to clean large indoor and outdoor areas quickly. Dual side brushes allow for a larger sweeping path to get the job done in half the time. They can be used on multiple surfaces, indoor or outdoor, with no adjustments—ideal for large facilities such as arenas, gymnasiums, and athletic centres.

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