5 Types of Commercial Floor Equipment and Chemicals

Commercial floor equipment can achieve a thorough clean in less time than a mop or broom. For any business looking to efficiently maintain a clean space with powerful commercial cleaning supplies, floor equipment is a necessary investment.

Different types of machines complete a specific task and the right one depends on what type of clean you’re looking for, the material of the floor (such as hardwood, carpet, and tile), and the nature of your business. One of the advantages of quality floor equipment is that floor pads can easily be removed and switched, adding to their lifespan and giving you years of service.

Keep reading to learn more about each type of floor equipment, chemicals to use, and its purpose.

1. Commercial Sweepers – Floor sweepers act like a large broom that can get the job done more efficiently and with less physical strain on workers. The circular brushes on a commercial sweeper are designed to break down surface buildup and tough dirt, effectively sweeping up large debris. Sweepers can be used outdoors to keep walkways clean and are typically used for warehouses, manufacturing companies, arenas, and large venues. Commercial sweepers don’t require the use of chemicals.

2. Automatic Scrubbers – Autoscrubbers involve rotating brushes that gently scrub the surface using water or steam. You also have the option of using a floor chemical mixed with the water, which can be a gentle detergent, a disinfectant, or a multi-purpose cleaner. As the machine moves over the floor, auto scrubbers extract the cleaning solution and what’s left is a clean, polished surface.

3. Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning System – A no-touch cleaning system is equipped with an indoor pressure washer, a wet vacuum, and an automatic chemical injection that works together to achieve a deep clean. The low-pressure spray and cleaning solution breaks down tough stains and built-up dirt. The floor is then rinsed with clean water and vacuumed dry to leave behind an incredibly clean finish.

4. Carpet Cleaning Equipment – While a commercial vacuum is a common piece of equipment for all businesses, we can take it up a notch with equipment designed to clean carpets, such as a carpet extractor. These machines are designed to extract dirt from deep within the carpet fibres using pressure, water, a chemical solution designed for use on carpet, suction, and centrifugal force to remove moisture.

5. Burnishers and Polishers – A floor polisher, sometimes called a burnisher, utilizes a brush or pad to remove marks and scruffs. They are often used in retail stores, malls, arenas, hospitals, studios, office buildings, and other venues that want to leave a good impression on their clients with a high gloss finished floor. A floor polisher is sometimes used with a sealant to protect against wear and tear from high foot traffic.

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