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5 reasons facilities need an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing are habits that have now become a ‘new normal’. Governments and many businesses are installing hand sanitizers in their facilities as sanitizing becomes a universal acceptance, even after the pandemic.

Providers of industrial cleaning supplies in Calgary have experienced a significant increase in the demand for hand sanitizer dispensers. Many, in particular, prefer touchless automatic hand sanitizer dispensers for the following reasons.

1. Added layer of protection

Automatic dispensers have ultrasonic sensors that release the product once hands are below the nozzle. This touchless experience further reduces the risk of germs spreading. The automatic technology is more efficient than pressing a button or handle and is a more sanitary option than manual dispensers.

2. Easy to use

Automatic dispensers are easy to use, quick, and safe, which encourages more people to sanitize their hands before and after visiting your facilities.

3. Delivers a standard dose

Unlike bottles, automatic dispensers deliver a standard amount that’s enough to clean both hands. This ensures that every individual has an adequate amount of product to properly sanitize. A standard dose also minimizes wasted product.

4. Easy to install

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are easy to install. Most models can be screwed into the wall, or you can opt for a dispenser that stands on its own with a leg and base. An advantage of choosing a wall dispenser is, once installed, it is secure and will last for years and years.

5. CDC approved

The CDC states, “Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.” Having an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser throughout your facility promotes hygiene, cleanliness, and responsibility for the health and safety of those who use the building.