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3 Reasons A Reliable Scrubber Is Crucial For The Healthcare Industry

Did you know that some powerful bacteria can remain on floors for months – even after thorough sweeping and mopping? For the healthcare industry, consistent cleaning and disinfecting is not just a necessity but is critical for the health and safety of all who use the building, especially for immunocompromised patients.

In the past, workers would take hours to run a mop through the hallways and rooms. Not only was this method time-consuming and labour-intensive, but it led to body aches and a higher risk of workplace injury. Cleaning the floors in a healthcare facility requires the use of reliable professional cleaning machines – one of the most indispensable being a floor scrubber.

How floor scrubbers work

It’s valuable to know how floor scrubbers work to understand their importance. An auto scrubber:

  • Delivers a cleaning solution, typically water mixed with a floor cleaner, to the floor pad or brush
  • The pad or brush device automatically rotates to scrub the floor
  • A squeegee and vacuum in the scrubber pick up the dirty water, leaving behind a dry and polished surface

There are a few types of automatic scrubbers, including push scrubbers and ride-on machines. Many large facilities have a combination of both, a ride-on machine to tackle large open areas and a compact push scrubber to maneuver through hallways and various rooms. Here’s why an auto scrubber is an essential piece of equipment for healthcare facilities.

1. A more thorough, efficient clean

Auto scrubbers are designed to remove stubborn dirt and grime that a traditional mop and bucket aren’t able to do. An auto scrubber sprays water and cleaning chemicals onto the surface and uses a powerful brush or floor pad device to remove contaminants, which gets sucked up into the vacuum of the machine. The result is a polished floor that makes the facility look clean and tidy.

Additionally, auto scrubbers offer an efficient clean because of a larger cleaning path. What might take an hour to clean with a mop and bucket, a scrubber can do in half the time.

2. Less labour-intensive

High-traffic facilities like clinics, hospitals, and healthcare centres need consistent cleaning. Mopping hallways, rooms, entryways, and common areas is no easy feat on the body. The repetitive movements lead to tight muscles, sore shoulders, and back and neck pain. Floor scrubbers make the job of cleaning floors easier and reduce physical strain on workers. For large facilities, a ride-on scrubber saves time and greatly improves the health and morale of workers.

3. Enhances the safety of the facility

Floor scrubbers require less water, which translates to a quicker drying time. They are also engineered with a squeegee and vacuum to remove excess water. This recovery system is vital for high-traffic areas where clean and dry floors are a must. For hospitals, entryways and hallways need to be dry for the safety of everyone.

To wrap it up, auto scrubbers offer many benefits for the healthcare industry. This equipment is at the top of the list for facilities that require a consistent and effective clean.

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