Janitorial Professional Equipment Rentals

 Apple Cleaning Supplies knows janitorial equipment!  Now we rent quality professional equipment at a fraction of the price to buy. 

We have a variety of machines from automatic scrubbers, professional sweepers, carpet extractors, burnishers and polishers for rent. 
We offer Contactless Drop off and Pick up In-Store.
We will also pick up and deliver your rented equipment for a fee. 


Contact our Service department to learn more about renting the right machine for the job. 

Some of the Professional Equipment we have to Rent

Ninja Classic™ 200 PSI Carpet Extractor

Ninja Classic™ Carpet Extractor 200 PSI

Leading the pack, the Esteam CSA-US approved NINJA CLASSIC™ portable extractors offer convenience and reliability like no other. Rely on the world’s most popular extractors to save you time and money!

Ninja Classic™ 500 PSI

Ninja Classic™ Carpet Extractor 500 PSI

This unit boast the same capabilities as the Ninja Classic™ 200 PSI but has a much more powerful 500 PSI pump. All units ranging from 150 to 500 PSI, including models with heat, are CSA-US approved. 40 Litre (10 Gallon) Solution and 40 Litre (10 Gallon) Recovery Capacity: allows for maximum efficiency in time and labour costs, allowing you to work longer without any downtime.

25" Gladiator 464 Battery Vacuum Sweeper

25″ Gladiator 464 Battery Vacuum Sweeper

25″ Quiet and not disruptive. From carpet to hard surface without adjustment. Up to 2.5 hours of runtime.

Integra DS 19" Dual Speed Floor Machine

Integra DS 19″ Dual Speed Floor Machine

Easy to operate. Multi-purpose machine: strips, scrubs, and polishes floors. Built to endure the rigorous demands of commercial cleaning. Removable handle.

14" Hurricane Mini AutoScrubber

14″ Hurricane Mini Walk-Behind AutoScrubber

compact auto-scrubber. Scrubs in difficult to reach areas. Enhances cleaning productivity in small spaces. Height-adjustable handle.

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20″ Dustbane® 400 XTT Hurricane Walk-Behind AutoScrubber 

The intuitive control panel and superior maneuverability makes this scrubber easy to use with little training. Unit offers a compact size & large tank capacity. Exclusive squeegee system assures high performance by providing incomparable drying results even on the most difficult surfaces.

21" Hurricane Rally MicroRider Scrubber

21″ Hurricane Rally MicroRider Scrubber

Clean in complete comfort. Includes an anti-foam system. Cleans the areas that are inaccessible with larger riders. More efficient with less time lost due to emptying and re-filling.

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